when nova flair meets taifun

Nova Flair is one of the most leading manufacturers of nailsalon equipment, nail tables and dust extraction. 

  • Ultimate suction power

  • High quality 

  •  Wide choice of manicure tables and accessoires

  • 15 year guarantee on the exhaust systems


    Create your own table as you wish

  • Almost silent

  • Prevents dust lungs

  • Durable 

  • Handmade



discover the force of taifun 


 The Taifun I has already a suction power that suits the finest dust to 1/1000 mm. With saturation of the filter, will the engine automatically increase in force so that it retains as much dust.

You only need to replace the filter once or twice a year and clean the filter once a week. Thanks to this ease of use and the minimum volume of a dishwasser, makes this the Taifun one of Europe's most unmatched number 1!

Discover also Taifun II with a more powerfull and with a dubble filter for more ease of use.


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ABOUT nova flair

Nova Flair is one of the most leading manufacturers of nail salon equipment, manicure tables and exhaust systems.

For over 12 years is Nova Flair working in the nail salon equipment and establisthed a long been at the forefront of cosmetic and nailstudio facilities. There speciality is a qualitive dust extraction with 15 year guarantee, made in Germany. They are continuesly at work to optimize the nail salon facilities such as nail tables and dust extraction to offer you even more comfort.

This allows you to benefit from our decade of experience and continuous development of our nail salon facilities. Professional and high-quality nail tables, advanced dust extractions and appropriate nail design accessoires such as hand and arm rests you can find with us.