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Removing hairs has finally become easy because at PINK Cosmetics, we have made it our goal to make waxing easier, more enjoyable and more successful. Our product range offers you innovative and matched products that provide an even more comfortable waxing experience..



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Water-soluble PINK sugar pastes in attractive pink. Removes even the shortest hairs in the most sensitive areas extremely gently. Suitable for the whole body.

A high quality, water-soluble sugar paste with a beautiful pink color.

The soft consistency of the sugar paste removes even the shortest hairs on sensitive parts of the body, very gently and is enriched with nourishing ingredients.

The natural additive Acacia Senegal Gum gives the sugar paste flexible and at the same time stabilizing properties for optimal application


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PINK Strip Wax removes hair from large areas such as arms, legs, chest and back from a length of 2 mm. It is characterized by its fast and very economical use and high adhesive strength. 

Hair removal made easy.

-     Ideal for large areas such as arms, legs, chest and back

-    Removes even stiff hairs up to 2 mm long very quickly and easily

-    50% less consumption compared to the old cartridges, a single roll-on can remove hair from up to 6 thighs

-   Several applications possible in succession

-     The roller head glides on without resistance, the wax flows easily from the cartridge and does not pull on the skin during application

PINK Strip Wax Pot

    1. -    Very fast working possible, a wafer-thin layer of wax is sufficient

  1. -    Long material cost, with one pot, the lower legs of 10 people can be depilated

  2. -    Gentle on the skin, multiple applications possible, contains nourishing tea tree oil

  3. -    Particularly high adhesive strength, quick and easy removal

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NEXT generation wax - GEgarandeerd trendy

These trendy Berry Bomb Wax beads remove even the most stubborn hair  from a length of 1 mm  and are the only ones from the Next Generation Wax family available in the practical size of 300g. Perfect for manicure and pedicure professionals, nail technicians, eyebrow stylists or as an addition to a facial. With a Pink Lady Wax, you can quickly, thoroughly and gently wax up to 40 pairs of eyebrows.

For all beauty professionals looking for the most innovative hair removal on the market. The highly effective Next Generation Wax makes waxing faster, more thorough and gentler than ever. Increase your sales and offer your clients premium waxing on the face, armpits and intimate area from a hair length of 1 mm.

With just one 800 g bag, you can depilate 100 pairs of eyebrows, or 80 upper lips or 30 armpits.

Hair removal made easy.

    1. -    Easy to use, no previous experience required, perfect for beginners

  1. -    Gentle to the skin thanks to its low application temperature and hypoallergenic composition

  2. -    The skin is optimally protected and cared for

  3. -   Suitable for waxing the face, but also for armpits, bikini zone and the whole genital area

Why you'll love this wax:

  1. -    This premium wax removes even the shortest hairs from 1mm length very quickly, easily and thoroughly

  2. -    Thanks to its high elasticity, Next Generation Wax remains indefinitely flexible and does not break on the skin

  3. -    A sales booster for beauty professionals, also as a complement to services such as nails, eyelashes, facials

  4. -    These unique wax pearls are available in 6 delicious fragrances and are conquering the beauty world at lightning speed

Easy waxing!

  1. -    Convenient dosing and easy use, quick and easy work without fleece strips

  2. -    The Next Generation Wax can be applied both against and in the direction of hair growth


Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok
Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok
 Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok


Odoo CMS - een grote afbeelding