Are you powerful? Are you beautiful? Are you fantastic? Are you amazing? Are you successful? Or would you like to be? Then “YOU” are SO GUILTY. We are to blame for only wanting the very best, and that is something we are happy to share with you. We confess, only top quality is good enough for you and your customers. SO Guilty offers a unique chance for nail professionals and nail artists to work with high-grade products, to be able to work faster, easier, more efficient and more qualitative. This way they can inspire women to look and be at their very best every day. We offer you professional and thorough educations accompanied by our unique SO Guilty – Iconic Nails range of products, which will prove to exceed your expectations and will lift your results to a higher level.

Together with you we will look at what you need. Are you an established nail professional or nail stylist, a starter or do you want a number of products for your own use? At SO Guilty we listen to what you need and we will give you a lot of advice. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and put it into practice. After our first interview and our expert analysis we will assemble a tailor-made solution for you, with products to create beautiful nails or nail art, the necessary tools and educations, absolutely everything you need to be a succesful nail professional, So … what are you waiting for? Start TODAY with SO Guilty – Iconic Nails and reach for the STARS!

SO Guilty is a unique brand in the nail business, at SO Guilty you will get everything you need to be succesful, by professionals for professionals. Are you a starter or an experienced nail professional or artist? Do you have a beauty parlour or a nail salon? Do you want to become a professional, now or later? Come to us for a total concept, we provide tailor-made educations and sublime products. Our products, services and educations will support you and will help you get satisfied customers who will keep returning to you. Join us to reach the ‘next level’!

In a nutshell this means to you:

✓ Top quality products at affordable prices;

✓ At SO Guilty – Iconic Nails you can rely on 20 years of know-how and experience;

✓ Support and perfection through extensive training;

✓ Education is possible at every distribution point of SO Guilty - Iconic Nails;

✓ Professional approach;

✓ Reliable service.

Helping you is our main priority! Do you have questions or do you want information?    

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The SO Guilty gelpolish system truly makes the difference for your clients. This perfectly opaque, highly pigmented gelpolish is very easy to apply. You will actually win time!



The SO Guilty gels have something to offer for every type of gel nail. There is a very large diversity and everything is possible with our gels. We are happy to advice you so you can provide the best possible products to your customers. You will receive exactly what you and your customer need!



Nail art, nail art! Wow, really spice it up for yourself and your customers. With nail art you create more than just pretty nails, you createabsolutely marvelous little works of art for your customers. With these little gems, your customers will get attention and compliments, and after all, that's what it's all about, is it not? Discover what we offer for your nail art!

Stones & studs, dotties, stickers, glitter & pigments, foil, nail art paint or striping, SO Guilty helps you work out your nail art ideas. We have all kinds of nail art for you to make mesmerising nail creations for your customers. We will help you find what you need!



Tools are essential for your nail salon or shop. By using good tools you provide an excellent service, this way you can make the diference. Tools help you create that stylish look on nails, a unique style for your customers. Discover our tools, that work like a charm on nails, gel nails and products. Soon available!

Tools? Pencils, files, stencils, SO Guilty - Iconic Nails has it all! The pencils are specifically tailored to the needs of the nail artist, of top notch quality and with synthetic hairs or sable hairs for acrylic pencils. They help you create the nails in the easiest way possible, because good tools perform miracles! For our files we look at durability, AA-quality files that you can use for multiple treatments without your file losing it's sharpness. The file tips are disposable, but the core is to be kept. This saves you money and it's environmental friendly. Enjoy top quality files for a small price. You can also come to us forhygiene, protection and presentation materials and all necessary accessoires.


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Do you have a question about our products or an education? Would you like to become a distributor or are you looking for a distribution point? Would you like to know what you can expect from SO Guilty - Iconic Nails, the nail specialist? Are nails your passion? Then you are guilty, just like us! Contact us by phone or via e-mail to get your best experience possible as a nail professional or nail artist. We are happy to provide you more information during a personal interview.