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Footlogix Pediceuticals is a revolutionary and innovative line of foot care products designed to  effectively treat a wide range of conditions. Dry skin? Serious complains due to diabetes? Footlogix always gives amazing results in just in a few days .

Footlogix is the worlds first and only  line of Pediceuticals mousse-shaped footcare products, combining a European background with innovative North American technology. The products contain pharmaceutical ingredients and were developed by Katharin von Gavel, a true pioneer and one of the most renowded American footcare experts.

Footlogix' scientific formulas  have been developed with a unique, groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology. Thanks to this technology, the active ingredients can penetrate faster and deeper in the skin to be treated. The products deliver results in just a few days, wether ther are used to moisturize dry skin or to treat serious conditions caused by diabetes. The effect of Footlogix is clinically proven. 


What are the advantages of  Footlogix Products?

Not occlusive: the products do not seal the skin and do not obstruct its fonction. This allows  the skin to breathe normally.

Non-greasy formula: after application, the client can immediately put on the socks and shoes again. handy and fast! In addition, they do not damage the elastic fibers of compression stockings.

Hygienic: the applicator is provided with a special seal so that the mousse does not come into contact with the bacteria, and there is no air in the packaging.

Effective : the Footlogix products protect damaged skin against infections and are particularly effective on dry skin.

Easy to apply: the mousse formula is very user-friendly and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

✓ particularly useful: Customers note that after just a few days their complaints are already considerably reduced.

Spectacular: Medi meets Pedi, the products provide spectacular results and ensure that the pedicures can performe their work even better.

"My mission?  To make people aware of the importance of healthy feet and develop unique solutions for soft, beautiful and well-groomed feet that should be seen."
- Katharin von Gavel

 Amazing brand, I also work with it, the clients are very satisfied.

Laila B.H.