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Discover all the wax secrets & become a pro at body hair removal.

Your personal needs are central to your learning experience. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can decide what type of class suits you. Your success is our priority! To get started in your waxing business, PINK offers you reliable service and free advice at all times.


basic training

We guarantee you that you will be able to place beautiful nails. We can say this because we have 20 years of professional experience and enjoy a 9,3/10 customers satisfaction. For many ladies this meant that they made a big step in the professional world.  For you too this would mean that you can immediately generate revenue from your investment. How important is it for you to make people happy by letting them shine?


 ADVANCED prefection

Do you strive for perfection, but i doesn't work out as you want to? Would you like to know how it will work perfectly?

Bring yourself to THE NEXT LEVEL, we will make it happen for you.



Learn here how you can make new creations with different new, trendy techniques in a theme or season! Leaded by known instructors like Tracey Lee, An Thys, Ilse Koninckx, Madame Polkadots, ...



Have you always wanted to place lashes? Than this will most definitely be something for you! You don't need any knowledge on before hand. Everything will be fully explained and teached. Starting from a One by one to a lash lift. 



Because we are interested in your evolution and we like to give you a little extra. We have a FREE workshop offer for you. To inspire you and to make u grow. 


 starting package  

What do you need for while taking the lesson? Use this starting package, They give you a complete base to grow and evolve. 

Starting packages are also more advantageous than all the items that you would have to buy separate. So save money by buying the starting package!



Every Base starts with a good theoretical knowledge. Often we find that the knowledge of nail anatomy, chemistry, product knowledge, nail diseases, allergies and irritations is heavily underestimated. These topics are extremely important to ensure the shelf life of products as well as to prevent allergies and further nail diseases. In short this knowledge is crucial for ANYONE who wishes to treat nails, whether as a hobby or as a professional.