Bellezi Ergonomic Chair Sympatico

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Not only your client, but yourself, of course, should be comfortable. A good stool is just as important as a good treatment chair or couch.

Bellezi has compiled a selection of chairs that satisfy practically all of your wishes.

The UPHOLSTERY ​of the chair

The upholstery of the chair is made of "silverguard" fabric, which offers the most fantastic advantages: 

*100% waterresistant

*Very strong and durable

*UV resistant

*Anti-bacterial/anti fungal

*Anti-static & stain-resistant

*Flame retardant

*Resistant to oils and sulfides

*Easy maintenance

What's extra with 'THE COMFORT VERSION'? 

In the comfort version, the seat of your chair is filled with Tempur. 

This means that you will experience optimal comfort and it works pressure reducing.

Because of the Tempur you will sit even better on your tabourets, as well as this is also better for your body and your sitting posture. 

For you, this means that you will suffer less from painful body parts, such as the back, among others. 

The option 'SOFTWHEELS'

These wheels provide even more comfort as they are shock absorbing and roll softer and easier, an absolute must!