Gel starter pack (For basic training)

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SO Clean (100ml)

Pré-Clean (100ml)

Cleaner (250ml)

Cuticle Away

Wipes (900 Stuks)

SO Glue

Flip Tip Natural box 100


Breeze Bond

Base Gel (5gr)

Supreme Fiber Clear (15gr)

Supreme Fiber White (5gr)

Supreme Fiber Mask Away (5gr)

Color Gel

Paint Gel

Shine & Go

Top & Art

SO Oval Gel Brush #6

SO Micro Brush #0001

SO Cut the Tip

SO Dust Brush

SO Cut the Skin

SO Cuticle Pusher

Dual Wave Lamp

Dadi’ Oil (3.75ml)

SO Core (2x)

SO Strip Art File #100 (4x)

SO Strip Art File #150 (4x)

SO Strip Art File #180 (4x)

Buffer Strip (4x)

Base (5ml)

Rubberbase Clear (5ml)

Rubberbase #1 Shimmer (5ml)

Rubberbase #3 Salmon Splash (5ml)

Rubberbase #4 Boomer Pink (5ml)

Rubberbase #5 Milky White (5ml)

Rubberbase #6 Milky Pink (5ml)

Utopian Gelpolish Color (5ml)

SO Matt (5ml)

Top & Go (5ml)

Glitter Top Silver (5ml)

Glitter Top Gold (5ml)

SO Easy Build Sweet Boomer (5ml)

SO Easy Build Soft White (5ml)

SO Easy Build Clear (5ml)

Frees ‘Go Speed’

Freesbit Keramisch Kegel Medium

Freesbit Diamond Callus Bullet

Freesbit Cleaning Brush

Freesbit SO Diamond Cone Flat

Carbit Nagelriem Little

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Did you know that this package is also suitable for taking the pro course? With this package you can go from basic to pro! Good luck!