Kit Lash Lift & HI Brow Lamination + training for FREE

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Get the courses 'LASH LIFT' & 'HI BROW LAMINATION' for free when purchasing the starter pack

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Lash Lift Kit:

1x Timer 

1x Black Tint

1xTint Developer

1x Glass Dappendish

1x Orange Sticks (pack of 25)

1x Curling Wands (Mixed pack: 1 pair of short, 2 pairs of medium and 2 pairs of long)

1x Secure Adhesive

1x Lifting & Setting Cream (pack of 15)

1x Application Wands (pack of 15)

2x Split Cup Glue Rings (pack of 5)

1x Lift off Make Up Remover (15 ml)

1x Eyelash Cleansing Cloth

1x Microbrushes (pack of 100)

1x Disposable Mascara Brushes (pack of 25)

1x Medi Eye Wash (pack of 5)

1xGrowth and Conditioning Serum

1xFinishing Glaze

1x Lint Free Gel Patches (pack of 12)

1x Pre-treatment

1x Sponge Applicators (pack of 25)

HI Brow Lamination Essential Kit:

1x Hi Brow lamination instruction leaflet

1x Disposable Mascara Brushes (pack of 25)

1x Hi Brow Cleanser 60ml

1x Hi Brow Cleansing Brush

1x Hi Brow Lamination Serum

1x Hi Brow Lamination Fixing Lotion

1x Hi Brow Lamination Styling Lotion

1x Hi Brow Style Adhesive

1x Pencil Sharpener

1x Wax Pencil

3x Cream Developer

1x QIC Tint (medium brown - Light Brown & Dark Brown)

1x Wooden Spatula (5pc)

1x Cup rings (5pc)

1x Microbrushes (4pc)

1x Sponge Applicators (pack of 25)

1x Orange wooden sticks (pack of 25)

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